Steve Edwards - 1000 Marathons World Record Attempt


Steve Edwards is on a mission to complete 1,000 marathons. But everyone has to start somewhere … here’s his story.


Having ran my first marathon back in 1981, I would never have envisaged that I would still be running marathons on a frequent basis nearly 35 years later. Many people ask me how I keep going and how I stay motivated as it’s not just running the marathons but maintaining an intensive training regime in between. The truth is, I sometimes wonder myself and if I look back to 1988 when I first had an ambition to run 500 official marathon races averaging sub 3:30, I remember how formidable that task seemed given how much effort and indeed time it would take. I look back now and wonder where all that time has gone.

Setting and achieving targets is one of many key drivers that I've used throughout my running life to maintain that motivation. Furthermore, believing you have the potential to set records that no-body else on the planet has yet to achieve is even more powerful. So on a horrible cold, wet and windy day when you’d rather stay in the warm of indoors than do a scheduled tough hill reps session, it’s those days you need your most powerful driver.

I couldn’t make the inaugural Yorkshire marathon in 2013 or the second one a year later as was running elsewhere. However, I made sure that I was on the start line for Yorkshire 2015 as another one of my drivers is to run new and different events. I’m glad I did, the event is superbly organised with fantastic support, a great start & finish location and a scenic course through both town and countryside to keep it interesting. Of course, the weather was also good which always helps. So as always whenever I find an event I really enjoy, I just have to go back and run it again. Therefore, I hope to be on the start line of this year’s Yorkshire marathon and am really looking forward to it.

If all goes to plan, Yorkshire 2016 will be my 745th official marathon race as I strive for an ultimate ambition, the 1000 marathons world record in which I’m hoping to maintain a sub 3:20 average finish time. I’m still not sure whether I have that in me as my body has long since started to creak and can only hope that another important factor stays with me … luck.

For those interested in reading about my multi marathon running story, please look out for my biography due to be published late March entitled ‘The Man Inside The Machine’ by Helen Summer.    

For now, good luck everybody with your running goals this year and the future.   

Steve Edwards 



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