Keep your training on track this winter


It need not be. Getting out there will maintain your fitness, keep the pounds off and pay dividends when those early spring races come around.

If you need extra motivation to get through the door, arrange to run with a friend. Nobody wants to let a running buddy down and training with other people is more sociable.

See and be seen is the obvious rule when you choose to run at night. Bright and fluorescent tops with reflective strips will make it easy for motorists to spot you. If your running wardrobe is a little light on light-coloured clothing, a fluorescent bib that can be slipped over your darker tops is a great and inexpensive way of ensuring you are seen.

You may be feeling a little chilly at the start of your session but you will soon warm up so “layering up” is the key to running at a comfortable temperature. Wearing a number of lightweight layers will allow you to remove one should you be feeling too hot. A good wicking base layer which draws sweat away will help you stay dry, while a lightweight and water-repellent jacket can easily be removed and tied around your waist.

Gloves, a hat and water-resistant shoes should also feature in your running winter wardrobe.

A warm-up is a good idea in any weather to help avoid injuries but is particularly useful when the thermometer reading is low, so allow a little extra time for some gentle pre-run activity. It may be cold but you will still need a post-run cool down and it may be more comfortable to do those stretches indoors.

Even in cold weather you will sweat as you exercise so remember to take on fluids.

Stick to well-lit streets and try to vary your routes to provide added interest.

And finally, given that you’ll have the satisfaction of having kept your winter training on track, don’t forget to practise your smug face!

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