The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon – returning for the fifth time in 2017 – has established itself as one of the highlights of the White Rose County’s sporting year

This popular and picturesque run has proven PB potential and has gained a reputation as one of the UK’s premier autumn marathons, regularly attracting a competitive elite field.

This year’s Prize Pot – totalling over £10,000 – is designed to incentivise the very best British athletes to add the 2017 Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon to their race schedule.

British only prizes and generous time bonuses for all athletes are designed to make this year’s race our best yet.


Elite Athletes

Our elite athletes enjoy their own dedicated facilities and reserved pen on the start line – allowing them to make the most of the course to achieve their best.

Complimentary entries are available for our elite athletes, and we would like to hear from all those who have achieved the following marathon times within the last two years:

Elite Male:           sub 2:30:00         (or a sub 69.00 half marathon)

Elite Female:      sub 2:50:00         (or a sub 79.00 half marathon)

Please click here to email our Elites Coordinator. Please provide proof of the qualifying time on the initial email. Please be aware that doping control may be in effect in accordance with IAAF requirements for all member athletes.

Elite places are limited, so please apply ASAP. 


2017 Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon – Sunday 8th October

Prize Structure & Time Bonuses


CASH PRIZE FUND – UK & IRISH RUNNERS (non-cumulative):


MENS                                                              WOMENS

1          £1500                                                  1          £1500

2          £1000                                                  2          £1000

3          £750                                                    3          £750

4          £300                                                    4          £300

5          £250                                                    5          £250

6          £200                                                    6          £200

7          £150                                                    7          £150

8          £100                                                    8          £100



£4250                                                              £4250


Elite prizes will be awarded on gun time. 

To be eligible, runners must hold a valid UK or Irish passport.


WHEELCHAIR ATHLETES (only for finish times below 3:30)


  • If up to 2 male or 2 female athletes take part, the winners will receive £200.
  • If 3-5 male or 3-5 female athletes take part, the winner will receive £200 and the runner up will receive £100.
  • If 6 or more male or 6 or more female athletes take part, the winner will receive £200, runner up will receive £100 and third place £50.





To entice the strongest field possible to race the 2016 Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon,

the additional time bonuses below are on offer for any runner who achieves the following times:


MENS                                                              WOMENS

Sub 2:20          £500                                        Sub 2:40          £500

Sub 2:15          £750                                        Sub 2:35          £750


A single additional bonus is on offer for the fastest runner to achieve the time below:


MENS                                                              WOMENS

Sub 2:13          £1500                                      Sub 2:30          £1500


Time bonuses will be awarded on gun time and arein addition to the cash prize fund.

They exclude wheelchair athletes.




The winner of each of the age categories below will win £50, plus free entry into the

2017 Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon.    




















All prizes of £100 or more are raised as cheques. All other lower value prizes are issued as vouchers. Prizes are in addition to the cash prize fund and time bonuses.

Competitors can only claim one age category prize. 

All vouchers and cheques will be sent to winners by post within 4 weeks.



It's landed ... your May 2017 Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon Newsletter. The full prize pot is announced ... and our 2018 White Rose Double and Treble season tickets are now open - get in early!

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