March 2017 Yorkshire Marathon Newsletter


Hilary’s mega marathon challenge

When they get to 76, most people start to think about slowing down. Not Hilary Wharam.

This most sprightly of senior citizens is training to take on her 4th Yorkshire Marathon in as many years. But as tough as that will be, it’s only a small step in Hilary’s amazing running journey.

Hilary, a member of Horsforth Harriers, has set herself the challenge of running 100 marathons before she has to give up running.

Hilary took up running in her 50s and despite having the spine condition osteoarthritis, which means she needs medication to even take part, she has already completed 40 marathons, including ultras!

Hilary, from Leeds, said: “A chance remark from another runner, telling me nothing is impossible set me deciding I wanted to achieve 100 marathons before I have to give up running.

“When I compete in York this year I will be 76 years old so it’s a very big ask. I’ve now done 40, including ultras, so still have 60 to go, but I have several more planned before York.

“I love the Yorkshire Marathon; it is so friendly, well organised and accommodating and am looking to being on the start line in October!”

In it for the long run …

If you’ve already started your training – or know what to expect – you may be already dreading the famous ‘long run’.

As well as the actual distance, just contemplating finding the time can be stressful. For others, though, it’s what Sundays were made for!

What constitutes a long run, when should you build it in, and what pace should you be aiming for? Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach and it really will depend on your ambition for the marathon.

There are some key points, however, that you might like to bear in mind when planning your training:

  • Plan ahead – plan in your long run like you would a race. You need to know when you’re going to do your long run and make sure you have set aside enough time to fit it in comfortably
  • Try to fit it in your long run in the morning – you won’t want it hanging over you all day. Try to start at or around 9.30am to mimic the start time of the Yorkshire Marathon
  • A long run is a great chance to practice your nutrition and hydration strategy to work out your plan for Marathon day
  • Try out your kit – work out what you plan to wear on race day and get comfortable in it
  • It’s great with a mate – try to find a friend to run with. You could be out for up to three-and-a-half hours so some company might help!

Even if you’ve not yet begun your training, you might find long runs (of between one and two hours) beneficial as they can help build stamina and endurance.

Runner’s World has more advice on how to enjoy long runs. Click here to read more. 

A special memento of a truly memorable day

Hopefully you’ll remember the feeling of crossing the Yorkshire Marathon finish line for years to come.

Thanks to Plusnet, though, you’ll also have an extra special reminder.

Once again, our sponsors are kindly offering FREE medal engraving to all our finishers 

Just bring your hard-earned bling to the engraving stations in the event village and you can have a message of your choice inscribed.

Pick your time, your name or your reason for running – it’s your souvenir and your choice.

Unlike at some events, you’ll get to take your engraved medal home on the day, rather than waiting for it to arrive by post.

You’ll pay up to £8 for a medal insert elsewhere, so make sure you take advantage of this really great offer. 

Warm up with the Leeds Half Marathon

The Leeds Half Marathon is one of the UK’s oldest and biggest road races. It takes place on Sunday 14th May and is a great way to test those legs.


With a great challenging course and a sensational atmosphere, it will give you a small taste of what’s in store for you on marathon day!

Find out more and enter here.

Run for charity, for a PB or just for fun

Not yet decided if to support a charity – or still looking for a cause to get behind? You can of course choose to back any charity of your choice, or why not take a look at our official partner charities? The official partners in 2017 are: Jane Tomlinson Appeal, Macmillan Cancer Support, Martin House Children’s Hospice, Candlelighters, St Leonard’s Hospice, Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, St Gemma’s Hospice, Stroke Association, the Children’s Hospital Charity and the Alzheimer’s Society.

All of them would appreciate any support you can give them!


 It's landed ... your final 2017 Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon Newsletter. We announce the Yorkshire Marathon app which includes on the day tracking. Plus we'll be on the telly - again. Don't forget to book your Yorkshire Marathon transport, to help make your journey to the start line as stress-free and as simple as possible. 

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